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Rahway River Trout Unlimited is one of the newest New Jersey Trout Unlimited chapters. We are an organization of men and women that strive to protect our cold freshwater fisheries throughout the state. Our members meet once a month, discuss many topics from conservation to fishing. We also go on fishing trips throughout the year, conduct river cleanups, host fly tying events, and partake in many other activities. If you like fishing or just want to give back to the environment then RRTU is for you. So tell a friend, come on out and enjoy yourself, learn a few new things, meet some new fishing buddies, and perhaps even consider joining our Trout Unlimited Chapter - #155. We meet at the Cranford Community Center for our General meetings and Fly tying nights.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

       Last night the ball dropped in Times Square to ring in 2013. The ball drop tradition dates back only to the early 1900s, when The New York Times owner Alfred Ochs, whose offices were in Times Square, convinced the city to let him throw a grand party. The first 400-pound iron and wood orb featured 100 bulbs and was lowered down a flagpole. Now it’s an 11,875-pound, 12-foot geodesic globe encrusted with 2,688 Waterford crystals. This tradition is the start of a new year which is now upon us - whether we are ready or not.
        Remember that now is the time not only to renew your resolutions but also your New Jersey Freshwater Fishing License that expired last night on December 31st. Good news...you can buy your 2013 NJ fishing license online right now and be on the water in minutes! If you’re like me and itching to go fishing on any day off from work you have, you can. Visit this page http://www.njfishandwildlife.com/als/websalesintro.htm scroll all the way to the bottom and click the Start Here button.
         To make the purchase of your 2013 NJ fishing license as painless as possible, have last year’s license handy. You’ll need the 9digit CID number off it which identifies your unique license. If you don’t have last year’s license you can still proceed with your Social Security Number. You can pay with electronic check or credit card. The License will be presented to you as a PDF file which you can save and / or print. You can even print multiple copies which is nice....keep one in your vest, one in your car and one on file!

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  1. It' a very user-friendly process, and I really like having a "backup" just in case I go swimming. LOL...same applies for getting your PA license. Probably NY too, but I haven't used that one (yet). Happy New Year, everyone!