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Rahway River Trout Unlimited is one of the newest New Jersey Trout Unlimited chapters. We are an organization of men and women that strive to protect our cold freshwater fisheries throughout the state. Our members meet once a month, discuss many topics from conservation to fishing. We also go on fishing trips throughout the year, conduct river cleanups, host fly tying events, and partake in many other activities. If you like fishing or just want to give back to the environment then RRTU is for you. So tell a friend, come on out and enjoy yourself, learn a few new things, meet some new fishing buddies, and perhaps even consider joining our Trout Unlimited Chapter - #155. We meet at the Cranford Community Center for our General meetings and Fly tying nights.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

What's Happening?

Tyvek Stone Fly Nymph

Hook: Size 6 Nymph/Streamer 2x long
Thread: 6/0 uni Rusty Brown
Underbody: .15 Lead Wire
     (Tie in a strip of wire to both sides of hook shank. This will give the nymph a flat appearance and add bulk to the body)
Tail, Legs, Antennae: Rubber centipede legs
Rib: Silver Wire
Back, Wing Case, Head: Tyvek Paper
        (Cut and tapered into a funnel shape. Back bound down by wire and wing case continued from the back)
Body: Golden Olive or Stone Dubbing
Hackle: Partridge hackle for front legs tied in by the tip (Preen the fibers toward the back)
Coloring: Black, Olive or Orange Permanent Marker's

     This past Monday a small group gathered at the Cranford Community Center for one of the Rahway River Trout Unlimited's  bi-weekly Fly Tying Nights. The pattern chosen was for this fun event was a Rubber Legged Stone Fly Nymph that utilizes an often discarded product called Tyvek. Tyvek is a synthetic "paper" made of non woven fibers of plastic - it's tough, tear resistant  and waterproof. This product is most often used as a vapor barrier for house wrap. You can often find it lying around a construction site when they cut the holes out for the windows. Tyvek is also made into overnight shipping folders or old floppy disk sleeves that you may have around your office. One sheet would last you a lifetime of tying. When dyed with a sharpie or other perminant marker, Tyvek makes a nice waxy looking wing case on any nymph pattern.
      This fly fishes well all year and works well as your top fly in a double fly rig. The weight of the fly gets to the bottom quickly where the fish are feeding and where this bug is actually found. I have not fished this particular pattern yet, but have been told it is the "bread & butter fly" and a must have in every fly box. The rubbery legs give a lot of fish attracting action. 
    The next Fly Tying Night will be held on Monday December 17th at 7:00. The Community Center is located @ 220 Walnut Avenue , Cranford, NJ. Stop on by to tie up something new, watch a video, drink some coffee or just to shoot the breeze with some friends.



  1. Thanks Jason for showing us this alternative material and especially the use of colored markers. Incredible amount of possibilities here.

  2. ...and a big thanks to Christopher for the pictures and write-up...