Who We Are.

Rahway River Trout Unlimited is one of the newest New Jersey Trout Unlimited chapters. We are an organization of men and women that strive to protect our cold freshwater fisheries throughout the state. Our members meet once a month, discuss many topics from conservation to fishing. We also go on fishing trips throughout the year, conduct river cleanups, host fly tying events, and partake in many other activities. If you like fishing or just want to give back to the environment then RRTU is for you. So tell a friend, come on out and enjoy yourself, learn a few new things, meet some new fishing buddies, and perhaps even consider joining our Trout Unlimited Chapter - #155. We meet at the Cranford Community Center for our General meetings and Fly tying nights.

Friday, October 5, 2012


Rahway River Chapter has a program called FISHING WITH A FRIEND
It is for people to come together and fish various streams.
What makes it unique is that we invite TU members and non-members to join us.

If you are just starting out fly fishing, want to improve your skills, or just someone to fish with, you are welcome to come out and join us.

We can be found on WWW.MEETUP.COM the notice for this fishing trip

September 30, 2012 8:00 AM. 5 attended.

Fish With A Member Trip - PA

First FISHING WITH A FRIEND trip was to the Monocacy Creek in PA.

Chris at the parking lot

Jason chasing that rainbow

Tom switching flies

Tom and Chris

A nice path system along side the creek

George drifting a nymph

Sal the first fishing with a "Friend"

Chris showing off his catch

It was a great day to be out a PA spring creek.

There will be more Fishing with  Friend Days to come.


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